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About our company

About our company

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K-ENE, as in-house Ship Management Company of "K" Line Group, professionally manages fleet of energy resource carrier such as Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, LPG and LNG carrier.

K-ENE is participating in transportation of dangerous materials such as Oil, Chemicals and LPG/LNG. We are driving forward the daily management with every possible measure from both Software and Hardware aspects.

In order to maintain a high quality management and high performance, K-ENE complies along-with the ISM Code and ISPS Code by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), also ISO9000 series for quality management system and ISO14000 series on environmental management system as maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Additionally, consolidating a comprehensive ship management system by proactively introducing TMSA. TMSA is a self-assessment system in Tanker/LPG/LNG fleet management provided by OCIMF. This continuous improvement of management will lead towards highest level of quality ship management. We remain committed towards the universal management goal of operational excellence by achieving the ultimate objectives of -Zero Accident, Zero pollution, Zero detentions and Zero Off-hires.

K-ENE maintains an effective communication system at all time between ship and shore, where both organizations are functioning as one united body. K-ENE ships receive land-based assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through close communication, land-based marine specialists are available anytime and guidance/instructions are given to the ship as per the situational demand. This type of teamwork between ship and shore provides greater assurance to the ship and greatly contributes towards navigational and operational safety.

During my sailing time on board K-ENE vessels as a seafarer, I had a good experience of communicating with K-ENE office. I always got excellent support and assistance from them for dealing with any type of situation. Remembering my good experience I want to continue with this good ship/ shore relationship. Presently K-ENE ships are being manned by various nationalities, the good co-ordination and relation will help in achieving our goals and aspirations together with safety.

As published in Corporate Principles, K-ENE wishes to offer the highest level of ship management service to its customers in the field of global maritime transportation, in a safe and environmentally sound way with a commitment towards continuous improvement.

Corporate Principle

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We offer the highest level of ship management service in accordance with "K" LINE Group Corporate Principle that “ As an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business, the “K” LINE Group contributes to society so that people live well and prosperously”.


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We offer the highest level of ship management service in accordance with "K" LINE Group Vision that “ Our aim is to become an important infrastructure for global society, and to be the best partner with customers by providing the high-quality logistic services based on customer first policy”.

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