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Environmental Policy

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The seas are the stage where our industry comes into play. It brings various benefits to humanity with ships that are an energy-efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With increasing concerns about our earthly environment, those of us engaged in developing total logistics business centering on shipping are required to defend the earth, to make best use of its limited resources and to promote recycling. "K" LINE operates hundreds of ships all over the world, and recognizing the environmental loads incurred by our business activities, we are committed to making efforts both at sea and on land for reduction of such loads. Respecting and defending humanity's beautiful and rich homeland is a social responsibility businesses must fulfill and also is an important homework assigned to us who are living in the 21st century.

"K" LINE and its entire Group have long been tackling environmental preservation/protection issues simultaneously with our pursuit of perfection in safe navigation and cargo operations. In May 2001, we established "K" LINE Group's Environmental Policy in order to further assure that all people within and outside the Group are well aware of how we are poised to effectively focus on environmental matters.

(Reviced in August 2012)

【“K” LINE Group Environmental Policy】

Core Concept


The “K” LINE Group is aware and recognizes that addressing environmental concerns is an issue shared by all mankind. Therefore, the “K” LINE Group is taking proactive measures as an essential condition for its existence and for conducting a business enterprise, striving to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities, and seeking to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.



Conduct Guidelines


  1. We are setting objectives and targets for environmental preservation and making improvements on an ongoing basis to reduce the impact on the environment from our business activities. Furthermore, we are complying with all environmental treaties, laws and regulations as well as policies and voluntary standards to which the “K” LINE Group has consented.
  2. We are striving to protect the global and marine environment through fleet-wide implementation of safe operation practices and are establishing the organizations and structures necessary for such implementation.
  3. We are promoting research, development and introduction of ship facilities and equipment to improve ship energy efficiency and operating efficiency, which results in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the prevention of atmospheric pollution.
  4. In consideration of biodiversity, we are maintaining an awareness of the impact that the transport of ballast water and living organisms that attach to ship hulls have on ecosystems and working to protect those ecosystems.
  5. We are contributing to establish a recycle-based society by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and promoting the effective re-use of resources, including ship recycling.
  6. The entire “K” LINE Group is and will continue to support and participate in social contribution activities intended to protect the environment.
  7. We are conducting education and training programs to elevate awareness and understanding of environmental preservation issues among each member of the entire “K” LINE Group.


Revised in August 2012

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