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Service Profile Personal Arrangement

A relatively young team of highly motivated professionals man the office, and fulfill the day to day requirements of running KLSM, which ranges from manning and crewing to technical management of the vessels under our operation.

The young officers, are given responsibility, which in turn motivates them for better performance, all which is part of our career development plan for the individual. The individuals are also rotated in the jobs at two or three year intervals to prevent stagnation. At the senior level, more experienced personnel man the organization who also guide the juniors along the way.

Some of the tasks performed by the team could be described as---
1 Manning and crewing.
2 Incident Investigation
3 Keeping abreast of the latest in the industry with regard to legislation, rules, and in turn advising the ships
4 Working on the TMSA, which is underway in full swing.
5 Supervising new building vessels for the fleet.
6 Auditing and training activities across the fleet by Superintendents dedicated for that. This includes motivation, and team building also.
7 Several other activities routine for such an organization are carried out.

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