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Equipments in KLMA India

We have following equipments in KLMA India
1 Manning and crewing.
2 Incident Investigation.
3 Keeping abreast of the latest in the industry with regard to legislation, rules, and in turn advising the ships.
4 Working on the TMSA, which is underway in full swing.
5 Supervising new building vessels for the fleet.
6 Auditing and training activities across the fleet by Superintendents dedicated for that. This includes motivation, and team building also.
7 Several other activities routine for such an organization are carried out.

General Courses

  1. Safety Management System
  2. ISPS Familiarization Course
  3. KYT (Kiken Yochi Training)
  4. Stress Management / Mental Health
  5. Team work in cultural diversity
  6. People handling skills
  7. EQ (Emotional Quotient) in the work place

Courses for the Engineers

  1. Main Engine Remote Control Simulator

    Photo : Main Engine Remote Control Simulator

  2. Engine Room Simulator
  3. Reefer Container Maintenance Course
  4. Purifier maintenance course
  5. Hydraulic Course

    Photo : Hydraulic Course

  6. Electrical course / Hydraulic Course

Courses for the offices

  1. Automatic Unloading System for Oil Tanker

    Photo : Automatic Unloading System for Oil Tanker

  2. Ship Maneuvering Simulator

    Photo : Ship Maneuvering Simulator

  3. Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

    Photo : Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

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